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combining eastern wisdom healing tradition with contemporary lifestyle medicine

Mind Body Health

Welcome to River Walk.

 The home of credentialed,  reliable  Health Coaching and Wellness Programs that are customised to you!

Where you will be supported and empowered to realise your most beautiful, perfect self - inside and out . To live a life of health,  happiness and deep fulfilment .... your life, your way!


One of the most liberating realisation is that of "the self"; when you stop trying to be anyone or anything else you open the door to deep innate wisdom, healing and intelligence.

But how to open that door?

Feeling empty, overwhelmed,  and confused ? It  is likely  that you have forgotten who you are, at your most deepest, precious level; have become disconnected and "stuck" , maybe wanting to change but don't know where to start.

At Riverwalk we understand , and recognise that you have a unique mind-body type;  in all its perfection, the one you were born with and how every single day, in every moment, it interacts , is in dynamic exchange, with the food you eat, your environment, relationships, your breath,  movement of your body, even with your thoughts and emotions - your  heart 

Through sight, sound, smell ,touch and taste , we experience this world we live in. It's how our nervous system helps us to navigate life in a way that is safe, nourishing and  affirming.

The quality of those experiences , and the quality of our capacity to extract and utilise nourishment,  to release waste and toxins , at all levels of our being (Mind, Body and Spirit),  contributes to our overall sense of balance,  alignment with our unique mind-body ;  to not only have good health , happiness and wellbeing, but to thrive. When not in balance, or in alignment with your unique mind-body type, this  can manifest as a disruption to mind, body  and spirit, and ultimately illness and disease.

Unfortunately , most of us don't realise our unique mind-body type, and we suffer needlessly through either trying to be someone else, and/ or by relinquishing our own capacity to restore balance, to prevent disease to live a life of abundance and prosperity , free of suffering.

At Riverwalk , we offer Lifestyle and Health Coaching, Meditation and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instruction. Each of these modalities , either individually or  combined , will support you on your  health and  happiness journey . You will discover  and be empowered to  create sustainable , lifechanging  behaviours . And you will discover You.


The key is awareness of the self - the true self.

Riverwalk offers you compassionate and supportive health and wellbeing programs that are designed for you.

For where you are at now, and for where you want to be. 


 Get in Touch now for a free , no obligation 40 min initial consultation.

"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears"



Meditation by the Sea
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Fiona Mardling is a Certified  Health and Lifestyle Coach,  registered nurse  

and a certified Chopra Centre Meditation and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor.

Inspired many years ago by Dr Krishan Chopra, Cardiologist and author of  "Your Life is in Your Hands, The Path to Lasting Health & Happiness", I pursued my passion for Mind Body Health through  further studies while continuing my career in nursing, eventuating in my attainment of  Chopra certification in Meditation & Ayurvedic Lifestyle ; and a Diploma of Heath Coaching.   The  combination of western medicine experience and traditional eastern approach to wellbeing, and wellness supports my  passion , personal and professional experience that perfect health can be achieved through a balance of

Western Medicine, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda*.

My approach empowers individuals to  create wellness, optimal health​ and happiness, through self awareness and self- efficacy . I believe that Meditation forms the foundation of our wellbeing, and is an integral part of life.... it is the platform from which all other aspects of our lives can evolve and improve. Creating stillness in the mind, connects us to our inner knowing, self- awareness ....spirit . Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest systems of natural medicine, originating in the region of India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda means "the science of life " (Ayus = life, veda = science or knowledge ) Ayurvedic Lifestyle principles are underpinned by knowing your individual Mind, Body type - Dosha, and is a consciousness based approach to health , taking into account all aspects of our life, helping us to restore  homeostasis/ balance in our mind, body and spirit . 

Health and Lifestyle Coaching embodies the underlying principles of Ayurveda and Meditation, through cultivation of self-awareness ,  motivation and personal evolution that celebrates your uniqueness.  Empowering and enabling you to change, to be the best version of you no matter what stage of life

I offer  individual and group meditation  Ayurvedic Lifestyle Programs, and Health and Lifestyle Coaching either in person , or by arrangement via Video Conferencing from the comfort of your own home or organization. (Enquiries welcome via our Get in Touch section ). Experience and knowledge go hand in hand , therefore, attending short introductory courses (especially for beginners) will set you up for long term success and enjoyment.

Certified short courses, such as Primordial Sound Meditation (Chopra Centre Signature meditation technique), and Perfect Health - Ayurvedic Lifestyle,  is also available , either in group or individual sessions, and attracts CPD points for Yoga teachers

(Please see Contact details and upcoming events below for further information).

 There is an inner intelligence deep within each of us .... to heal and create a life of abundance and happiness that each of us deserve.

In gratitude to my teachers, Deepak Chopra MD, F.A.C.P, Dr Suhas Kshirsagar, Roger Gabriel (Raghavanand), Dr David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri), Yogini Shambhavi Devi,  Dr Sheila Patel, Eddie Stern, Amanda Ree, Teresa Long, Erica Lopez,

Micole Noble, Manjula Nadarajah and Susan Dore. In dedication to David Simon , MD  and Co-Founder of the Chopra Centre.

Meditation and Ayurveda complements, but does not replace any medical treatments that you may already be undertaking. Please consider discussing with your Health Provider  first if you are unsure if this practice is right for you.

 Get in touch with us today to learn how River Walk can help you.

 "As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears"   Rumi


Tim base camp.jpg

Fiona's health and wellness coaching has helped me to achieve huge goals and progress,in just 6 months of dedication and mindfulness. I was struggling with relationships. Both internally and externally. My relationships with people, loved ones, myself, work and food. It ia truly amazing to become aware of how connected all of these things are. Through zoom meetings and phone calls Fiona taught me how to listen to my inner feelings in order to construct meaningful plans ( with her assistance) that would help me to achieve the goals that I truly want to achieve ( not necessarily the goals you thought you wanted!).

She has given me the ability to coach myself. This is a powerful tool that has catalysed a lot of positive changes in my life over the last 6 months.

I have been able to build my own support networks as a result of understanding myself and by extension, others as well. With this toolset and ongoing coaching I have lost 30kg,and gone from puffed taking the bins up the driveway, to trekking the Himalaya to Everest Base Camp.

I have reconnected with many forgotten passions, which has also helped me to connect with others on a more fulfilling level. I am so grateful that she has been able to provide me with the awareness of insight and mindfulness that has yielded what feels like a lifetime of wisdom in only a few months. Look forward to our next phonecall!

I cannot recommend her enough. If you want to grow, and you want to change, you're ready for it.

Tim De Vos 

May 2023

I engaged Fiona as my Wellness Coach to assist me in moving forward with my life after a medical condition affecting my ability to return to fulltime work.I had become reliant on the medical profession to manage my overall health.....when all they could do was manage the symptoms.

Working with Fiona allowed me to focus on the most important goals for me and set strategies to make improvements in my physical and mental health. The regular chats via zoom provide the necessary accountability for my goals I had set, but most importantly provided a discussion framework for goals not met(and adjustment where necessary). It was this regular review process which allowed me to experience improvements in my personal health and set the foundation for setting healthy lifestyle habits.

Fiona was very respectful of my situation and always led a thoughtful and intuitive conversation.

Thanks for your support and guidance .


May 2023

Fiona’s calm steady presence and clear teaching style introduced me to the joy of meditation, using the Deepak Chopra primordial sound technique. I now look forward to my daily meditation which settles me deeply and I have stopped grinding my teeth at night. I highly recommend Fiona Mardling’s classes to anyone seeking more calm, joy and connection to their higher purpose in life.

Jess Szigethy-Gyula

Environmental Management Consultant & Artist

Recently I had the great joy to have my meditation practice reawakened by an inspiring teacher – Fiona Mardling. Fiona led me through a series of relaxed meditations and introduced me to my individual primal sound. With the gift of this sound and her beautiful enquiry into who I am, what is my purpose and my deepest desires, I have begun to tune into myself and see all the conflicting stressors for what they are - mere distractions.

Fiona’s warm and professional style inspires confidence and I am happy to be led by her into this deeper understanding of myself. I have had over 20 years’ experience as a yoga teacher and trust her with my development, just as I would recommend those beginning their meditation journey to trust in Fiona to inspire and lead. Thank You Fiona for helping me to prioritise peace and awareness into my life.

Joann Marr

Yoga teacher


Blessed Student

Fiona created a safe space for our yoga Nidra Zoom class. I really like her style and approach. She is a wise and effective teacher. I look forward to being part of her group, going forward. I recommend her and am so grateful for this opportunity at this time.

Helen Ryan

I have been a participant in Fiona’s Yoga Nidra classes for the past month. Since being involved in these sessions I have felt much more relaxed and at peace with everything that is going on around me at the moment at home and in the world. At the end of each session I feel rejuvenated and look forward to the next week to hear Fiona’s calming warm voice again. I would recommend Fiona as a practitioner to anyone who is looking for a way of relaxing in their own home as I have been doing via Zoom.

Wendy Harrison

I have been participating regularly in Fiona’s Yoga Nidra classes.
Fiona creates a warm relaxing atmosphere that brings a lightness to the mind and body.
At the end of each session I feel relaxed and renewed.
I highly recommend her as a practitioner.

Bernice Tate

Together at the Top

Ayurvedic lifestyle and Health Coaching

For those wanting to make healthy sustainable lifestyle changes. Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed?

Through the coaching process you will experience deep transformation, healing and greater self -knowledge resulting in more joyful living.

The foundation of the coaching model is grounded in evidence based best practices from coaching psychology that will help you to unlock your innate wisdom, increase your motivation and confidence to develop and implement meaningful health and lifestyle behavior change that is SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).

Coaches honour you as the expert in your life and work, and believe that every client is creative, resourceful and whole. Through the coaching process you'll develop a sense of autonomy, power and self-efficacy that will allow you to create the life of your dreams.

Coaches are an accountability partner to help you stay on track when distractions of life pull you away from your intentions.


  • Work Life Balance

  • Stress & Anxiety Management

  • Sleep

  • Weight Loss

  • Nutrition

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Alcohol Dependance

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Movement/Exercise

  • Conscious Communication

  • Career

  • Relationships

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Ayurveda is a complete healing system that is focused on giving you the tools and practices to created health on a daily basis.

Individual private sessions and group programs are offered . You will be introduced to the basic principles of Ayurveda, meditation and yoga as well as the three primary mind-body personalities: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Discover your unique mind-body personality and learn how to select and use the most nourishing foods to help you maintain vibrant health, appropriate weight, and optimized digestion. 

You will learn how to perpetually renew yourself each day by recognizing and eliminating toxins by performing gentle rejuvenation techniques.

Enhance your relationships and help you achieve emotional freedom as you will learn tools to practice conscious communication.

Learn how to use your senses to access the power of your body's inner pharmacy to heal, nourish and maintain balance.

Upcoming Events

  • Introduction to Meditation, Pranayama, and Ayurveda (1)
    Time is TBD
    Introduction to Meditation
    Time is TBD
    Introduction to Meditation
    A fabulous interactive and confidence building introduction to concepts and techniques, of mindfulness and meditation practice, Pranayama (Breathwork ), and Ayurveda (Ayur= Life, Veda = science or knowledge). Includes interactive Q&A, and Guided Meditation.
  • Weekend Meditation Retreat: Broome Bird Observatory
    Time is TBD
    Broome Bird Observatory
    Time is TBD
    Broome Bird Observatory, Broome WA 6725, Australia
    Rest, restore and rejuvenate! Experience the tranquility, untouched natural surrounds and birdsong of this exquisite location , Broome Bird Observatory. A 2 day, 2 night weekend meditation retreat suitable for all levels of meditators from beginners to experienced.
  • Mindfulness practice for Children and young adults
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Based on the teachings of Mallika Chopra, author of "Just Breathe", we open the door to a direct discovery of how good it feels to be less anxious , healthier and to experience a more balanced way of life. Short, simple and fun techniques designed for young ones, and young adults .
  • Primordial Sound Meditation Course
    Please enquire
    Please enquire
    Please enquire
    Please enquire
    Powerful, yet gentle silent mantra based meditation. Discover your own personal mantra. Learn the technique , mechanics , higher states of consciousness and how to perfect your practice to ensure lifelong enjoyment. Course is run over 4 x 2.5hr (approx.) sessions, includes personal instruction.
Couple Meditating on the Beach


The transformative power of silence

Meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body's own inner intelligence. Practiced for thousands of years, it's not about forcing the mind to be quiet, it's finding the silence that's already there and making it a part of your life.

Knowledge and experience go hand in hand . Meditation instruction provides you with expert knowledge, tools and practical experience to develop and sustain your own personal practice.

Programs are available individually or for groups and are usually delivered over a number of sessions, depending on individual need.

There are literally thousands of Meditation practices, and this can be very confusing and daunting especially when you're first starting out.

Through my own personal and professional experience, silent based Meditation practice, is one of the most powerful tools and process's for attaining and sustaining physical, mental  and spiritual wellbeing. 

Meditation forms the platform from which all other aspects of lives can naturally unfold. It is the journey to self-discovery, self-awareness and higher states of consciousness that enables you to tap into pure potentially, creativity and infinite possibilities.

Silence is the birthplace of happiness. From this field of pure potentiality we get our bursts of inspiration, our most intuitive thoughts, and our deepest sense of connection to the Universe. Practicing meditation on a daily basis allows you to weave silence and stillness into your mind and body to create a life of greater compassion and fulfillment. Meditation is a journey to the centre of our very being: a journey to emotional freedom; and a journey to the reawakening of our unconditioned self.

Meditation also creates a state of restful awareness,  in which our nervous system is supported to switch from a state of stress  to one of rest, restoration and healing.

Scientific research and evidence supports the many proven benefits of daily  Meditation some of which include:

  • Manage stress

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Improve your relationships

  • Create inner peace

  • Awaken your intuition

  • Enhance your sleep patterns

  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Become less judgmental

  • Connect to Spirit



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